Sex Parties

Have you ever wondered if sex parties really happen? Do they only exist in movies like Eyes Wide Shut? Or are there people in your city who get together and get naked?

Yes, yes they do. I can tell you from personal experience that there are deviants among us. And thank goodness for that, because sex parties can be a whole new level of fun. Are you wondering what goes on at a sex party? Read on.

Most sex parties that happen outside of sex clubs are private, which means you won't find them advertised online, or anywhere else for that matter. Your only ticket to attend is by knowing someone else who's attending well enough that they'll vouch for you. Some sex parties are organized via a Facebook event, others sell tickets online through a secure link, and some are less formal, the details sent by email or text.

As for venues, sex parties are often hosted at a private residence, but more formal ones are hosted at event venues or rented mansions. Either way, the addresses where sex parties take place are kept secret until just before the party, to avoid the details slipping out into the general public.

Assuming you do get an invitation to a sex party, what should you expect? Parties are not all the same, but in general you should not expect to see a giant orgy when you walk through the door. Most parties start with a good dose of socializing, drinking, and schmoozing, which is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, and figure out who they might be interested in. As the evening progresses, people will move to designated play areas, which may include beds, mattresses, or other furniture conducive to getting naked.

Consent--explicit consent--is extremely important. Never assume someone is okay with you touching them in any way without asking, even though you're both at a sex party. Violating consent is a sure way to get yourself uninvited from future parties. There's never a downside to asking someone if you can touch them, even if you're sure the answer is yes.

Sex at sex parties often evolves (devolves?) into group scenarios, where people of all genders get into it with each other, in combinations and permutations you're never even fantasized about. That's the beauty of a good sexy party--the opportunity to meet people who are just as into that fantasy you have, and are excited to play it out in real life.

So yes, sex parties do happen. Quite often, in fact. If you're interested in learning more, and perhaps even getting yourself on the invite list, stay tuned. We'll be delving into this delicious world in more depth in posts to come.

July 28, 2019
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