Polyamorous Family on Anderson Cooper

After being featured in an article in Details Magazine, a polyamorous family consisting of one woman (Jaiya) and two men (Jon and Ian), who are also raising a son together, appeared on Anderson Cooper today. If you didn’t catch it on TV, you can see some of the clips on the show’s website, which also has a long string of comments. As you might expect, the comments range from supportive to bewildered to intolerant.
It is rare to see polyamory featured on a big-time TV show; another sign that polyamory, and open relationships in general, are creeping further into the mainstream spotlight.

Cooper’s reactions as Jaiya, Jon and Ian reveal details of how their life works involve a lot of smirks and uncomfortable smiles, and there are frequent cuts to members of the audience nervously laughing. This may seem unfortunate to those who are already comfortable or living this sort of lifestyle, but it is really a typical way of people dealing with a situation that is sensitive and foreign to them, especially when on live TV. Overall, it is positive to have this sort of coverage–it would be unrealistic to expect the general public to be instantly at home with polyamory.

Bravo to Jaiya, Jon and Ian for having the courage to tell their story on such a big stage.