Polyamorous Dating with OKCupid

Kit O’Connell is running a seven-part series on how to use OKCupid for polyamorous dating. The series covers everything you need to know, and has detailed, step-by-step guides. Highly recommended.
While OKCupid doesn’t specifically cater to those in open relationships, it is one of the most poly-friendly dating sites available. There are a significant number of polyamorous people on OKCupid, and its system of using match percentages based on users answering questions tends to be quite good at showing you potentially compatible people.

It would be great if OKCupid would add some functionality that would make it even easier for those in open relationships to find like-minded others. For example, it could allow you to exclude everyone who is looking for someone “single” from your search. Along the same lines, you should be able to search specifically for people who are listed as “available”. OKCupid’s stance on this is that if you answer enough match questions, these sorts of people will show up anyways. This is true, but it still takes a bunch of time to filter out the monogamous or not-poly-friendly types.

Overall, if you’re in an open relationship, OKCupid is one of your best options for finding people to date. Check out Kit’s series to get started.

November 11, 2011
  • Thanks for the linkage. I’m happy to answer questions and take suggestions to improve the guide from readers, and I hope our writing helps poly people meet others!

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