Mainstream Media on Polyamory

The Globe & Mail published a major piece on Polyamory last week, entitled Polyamory: Exploring the In and Outs of Multiple Partners. It is amazing to see the mainstream media reporting on polyamory more frequently, and this article is great example of factual, positive reporting on this topic. The Globe’s circulation is more than one million; that’s a lot of people who have now been exposed to the concepts of polyamory, from a source they presumably see as trustworthy.
The recently wrapped-up first season of Polyamory: Married and Dating on Showtime takes much of the credit for the recent coverage of polyamory in the mainstream media. While the show is not a perfectly accurate portrayal of polyamory, it has been generally well received within the polyamorous community, and has done wonders for the general public’s awareness of what polyamory is. This Globe article is another example of how the Showtime series has cleared the way for long-deserved coverage of this alternative lifestyle.

For those of us who are polyamorous and Canadian, this article provides a convenient avenue for discussion of our lifestyle with friends and family who have been kept in the dark about our non-monogamous nature to date. “Hey, did you see that article in the Globe last week about polyamory” is a nice sounding, relatively safe test of what your loved one’s reaction might be, should you decide you come out to them.

It has  been reported that an even longer, more in-depth piece on polyamory will appear in the Globe in the coming months.

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