Gingrich vs Polyamory

There has been a great deal of polyamory and open relationship related coverage in the media recently, much of it thanks to Newt Gingrich. Clearly, to anyone who knows even the basics of what an open relationship entails, Gingrich’s past in no way resembles any sort of ethical non-monogamous situation. As Dan Savage put it on a recent Love Cast, after cheating on his wife for many years, Gingrich was not asking her if she wanted to be in an open marriage, but rather was informing her that she had, in fact, been in an open marriage for years, and just didn’t know it.
That said, because of the general level of ignorance within mainstream society about non-monogamy, the whole Gingrich affair has turned out to be a handy opportunity to contrast his situation with actual ethical non-monogamy, thereby educating the general public about all things open.

Of course, it would be nice if polyamory was already understood well enough that ridiculous associations such as the one with Newt Gingrich weren’t required. But alas, it isn’t yet. And so, we should say thank you to Newt, for providing platform, however ill-conceived, for the good word to be spread.

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