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Polyamory and Family Life

There is something about the combination of being polyamorous and also having a family that seems like the best of both worlds. Having one or more other relationships, whether they be emotional, physical, or both, as well as having a loving relationships with a primary partner, perhaps with with whom you have children, seems to offer a unique and wonderful balance in life.
Of course, being polyamorous but without having a primary partner and/or children, or having that family but not being polyamorous, can both lead to fulfilling lives as well. These are the right choices for many people. For those who do have both simultaneously, the time management challenges are significant, and there are also more significant emotional investments.

For those that can make the combination of polyamory and having a family work, life seems to take on a special glow; an unprecedented cadence, where there is such an abundance of different kinds of love, support, conversation, and true connection.