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2012 Sex Shows

It’s that time of year again! With Halloween in the bag, and the creepy facial hair of Movember not yet grown, Toronto is graced with not one, but two fabulous sex shows.
The first is the increasingly popular, and fairly mainstream Everything to do With Sex Show, which takes place November 2-4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This show is chalk full of education, entertainment, and not to forget shopping opportunities. The second is the up-and-coming Playground conference, which is described as an inclusive event for all communities.

Both of these shows are worth attending. For those wondering what the difference is, the Playground creator, Samantha, has posted a must-read article that will give you a good sense of where each conference is coming from.

We hope everyone has a fun, sex-show filled week!

Poly Potluck

The Toronto Polyamory and Open Relationships social group on just announced a Poly Potluck event, which will take place on November 26 at 6:30pm at Creative Image Studios in Toronto. If you are interested in attending, RSVP via the site.
It’s great to see more poly-focused social events taking place around the city. These events seem to be getting consistently strong turnouts, which demonstrates how much of a desire there is within the open relationship community to reach out and get to know others.

Playground Sexuality Conference

The first ever Playground sexuality conference is happening this weekend, Nov 4-6, at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Head over to the website to buy tickets. There is an impressive list of speakers lined up, and attendees are sure to do an incredible amount of learning, not to mention meet a whole bunch of new, like-minded people.
It is great to see conferences like this starting up in Toronto. Those in the open relationship community should do their best to support these initiatives, to encourage them to continue on.